Bowleven – Abject Failure in Strategy Part 1

Apart from the company’s miserable share price performance under the leadership of the current board, one of the biggest gripes Bowleven’s shareholders have is the board’s failure to deploy any of its huge war chest in a value–accretive manner. The last few years has seen the worst bear market in oil & gas in well over 30 years. And what has Bowleven’s board done? Nothing other than pursue an expensive fai
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Crown Ocean – a white knight for Bowleven?

I first made contact with Crown Ocean in late August 2016. I met the principals of this private investment company in late September. I’ve since continued correspondence with them to learn more about their intentions towards Bowleven. Understandably, Crown Ocean has been cautious about sharing specific details of what it might have in mind for the company, meaning much of my analysis at this stage is educated guesswo
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