March 2017

Billy Allan abuses his position, forces second EGM

After the close results of Tuesday’s EGM, Bowleven needed a strong Chair to unite this divided company. Unfortunately for shareholders Billy Allan, who does not own any shares in the company, has proven he is not that person. Unable to rise above the petty self-interest that has steered Bowleven’s corporate strategy for so long, Allan has blocked any attempt to remove Kevin Hart and Kerry Crawford from their executiv
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Kevin Hart and board to resign – retail shareholders vote in force

This morning the Sunday Times reported that Kevin Hart, Billy Allen and the other targeted directors are going to resign immediately before Tuesday’s EGM. Hopefully the new board will still publish the voting figures, as the indications received by this website strongly suggest the result would have been a landslide. Retail shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favour of Crown Ocean’s resolutions. Having destroyed sha
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Crown Ocean buys out Artemis at 34p

After the market closed Bowleven announced that its second major shareholder, Artemis Investment Management, today sold its remaining stake in the company to Crown Ocean. Thanks to the mobilisation of the retail vote, the board was already dead and buried at the forthcoming EGM vote. This sale this wasn’t so much a final nail in the coffin but more the elaborate decoration of a carefully crafted headstone. If he does
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Bowleven – (Bom) Oh no, not another Kevin Hart “farm out”!

Excuse the terrible pun in the title, but today is obviously a day for awful jokes. This morning Bowleven announced the long awaited “farm out” of Bomono to Victoria Oil & Gas (AIM:VOG). Over the coming weeks, when Kevin Hart sits down to fill in his new CV, he’ll now be able to claim that as CEO of Bowleven he completed not one, but two of these deals. It’s just a shame for shareholders he managed to destroy hun
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Bowleven’s Board inadvertently runs up the white flag

The last two desperate RNSs from Bowleven have been quite tragic. The current directors have franticly boasted that they’ve managed to enlist the support of three proxy advisors, who have each recommended shareholders vote against the resolutions at the forthcoming EGM. This will do nothing to influence the outcome of the vote. If anything it is an early admission of defeat. Proxy advisors write research reports to h
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