Broker voting deadlines start 5pm Friday 3rd March make sure your vote counts

Although Bowleven has set the voting deadline for Friday 10 March at 11am, if you are going to vote through your broker you need to submit your vote as soon as you can. Each broker sets its own deadline for submission of votes, usually about a week before the actual deadline. This gives the brokers the chance to compile the votes they receive and send them in before the deadline cut-off date. A number of firms’ deadlines are the close of play this Friday (03 March). To make sure your votes count, there are some other points you need to be aware of.

The first key point to be aware of to ensure your counts is that Bowleven has set the “Record Date” for 6pm on Friday 10 March. The Record Date is the point at which shareholders’ individual holdings are validated to be counted in the vote. This means you must still own the shares you vote with at 6pm on Friday 10 March to guarantee your vote will count. If you vote with your shares and sell them before the Record Date, you run the risk of your votes not being counted.

The next important point to understand is whether or not your broker offers the service to its clients of processing votes for company general meetings. For the major execution only brokers like TD Director Investing, Hargreaves Lansdown or Barclays Stockbrokers this not a problem as all the firms offer this service. However for several smaller Private Client Brokers they do not offer this service. I don’t want to name and shame any firm here, but if you bought your shares through a smaller broker and have not voted yet, contact it as soon as you can to confirm that you definitely can. If you can’t the firm will tell you how you can vote.