How to vote at Bowleven’s EGM

A number of investors have written to this site asking how they can vote. If you have bought your shares through one of the major execution only stockbrokers (e.g. Barclays Stockbrokers, Hargreaves Landsown, TD Direct Investing etc.) then voting at the Bowleven EGM is incredibly easy. Here’s how.

Brokers typically hold shares you own in a “pooled nominee” account. This means the broker brings together all the shares it holds on behalf of customers and holds them in one account. This is why the brokers, which hold large numbers of shares on behalf of clients, appear on companies’ shareholder registers.

Usually these brokers have a corporate actions team, who is responsible for taking and processing votes on behalf of clients for company general meetings. To contact the corporate actions team of your broker you can do this one of two ways:

  • Contact your broker via phone, ask to speak with the corporate actions team and register your vote. If you cannot get through to the corporate actions team directly ask whichever representative you speak to on the phone to pass details of your vote through. Be sure to write down the date and time you left your vote.
  • Access your brokerage account through the online platform. Look for a section called “corporate actions” or something similar. If you cannot find this section, then call your broker to ask where it is on the website. Once you have found the section you should see a copy of the proxy form where you place your votes and can fill this in electronically. Once submitted this instruction will be passed to your broker’s corporate actions team.

In terms of deciding how to vote if you support Crown Ocean then vote “For” all the resolutions. If you support the board then vote “Against”.

If you have any questions about voting at the EGM please send them to shareholders@bowlevenholders.net